Alternative Uses of Security Screens for Your Home

Thousands of burglaries are reported each year in Victoria, and most of the time no one is home when it happens. One of the most important features of effective home security is a physical barrier that prevents or impedes forced entry. An effective barrier, such as modern security screens, can thwart a burglar’s attempt at entering your home.

Just because an entry door looks strong, doesn’t mean that it is an effective barrier that will prevent forced entry into your home. In fact, most solid looking doors can give a false sense of security, as experienced burglars routinely enter homes with one solid kick to the front door.

Burglars can force entry into homes this way because nearly every residential front door has only a thin piece of pine in the jamb, and with a large impact from a well-place kick, it can literally explode inward, allowing entry. Thankfully, installing security screens prevent this from happening.

This is the main reason why security screens are so popular, as they significantly increase home security without having to alter existing doors in any way. While most people install security screens to increase the security of their homes, there are some other alternative uses for them.

Alternative Uses of Security Screens

There are alternative uses of security screens for your home that you can benefit from, a few of these are listed here:

• Allows fresh air into your home – now it is possible to enjoy the fresh breeze blowing into your home, with the front door open, without having to worry about security.
• Keeps pests out – one of the alternative uses of security screens is that they effectively keep out unwanted pests like flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.
• Secure unobstructed view of the outdoors – if you enjoy looking outdoors, now you can, safely, with security screens. They allow you to see what is happening outside, without compromising your security.
• Keep pets and small children safe – security screens keep pets and small children safe indoors. Just like adults, children enjoy looking outdoors, and parents can feel at ease knowing their children are safe.
• Reduce energy use – one of the best alternative uses of security screens is as a means to lower home energy use. By opening the front door when it is hot outside can let fresh air flow indoors, which reduces the need for air-conditioning.
• Enhances the appeal of your home – security screen designs and colours are available that can enhance the appeal of your home.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of security screens for your home, then feel free to contact us here at Melbourne Security Screens, Shutters and Blinds.

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