Colonial-Style Door Grilles: Unique Designs for Your Melbourne Home

While other homeowners in your neighbourhood choose to use simple, basic security screens, you may wonder if there is a way to add security to your home in a more stylish manner than this. You are in luck because there are Colonial-style door grilles that come in unique designs to offer security and attractiveness to your entry door in an innovative and a quality fashion. As a result of using these grilles, you will enhance your homes curb appeal while increasing its level of security.

About Colonial-Style Door Grilles

Colonial-style door grilles are the creation of Colonial Castings, a company that has been in business for decades. It is highly proficient at creating designs that welcome guests through your front entrance in a different manner than any other brand’s products do in your home. These grilles are pieces of urban artwork instead of just simple mesh panels.

Superior Designs

Whether you have a modern, traditional, and formal or other style of house, you can select the option of Colonial style door grilles that best suits your home. Colonial Castings excels in offering superior designs in these grilles that include mould-cast alumiunium patterns, powder-coated colours, stunning glass panels and a wide assortment of styles. You can even create your own version through customisation.

Innovative Technology

Thanks to the company’s innovative technology the Colonial-style door grilles provide intricately detailed, highly fashionable ambiance along with unsurpassed quality and security. This all translates into peace of mind for you in a style that you can live with each day.

Durable Craftsmanship

Each Colonial grille is made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. Also, they are engineered with a unique, dual-part protective system in order to enable them to deliver unparalleled exclusivity and strength to homes. This system is specially designed to absorb impacts in such a way as to spread their force out throughout the grilles. Each grill meets Australian Standards requirements.

Colonial Castings Tests All of Its Grilles

To ensure that each of the company’s grilles live up to Colonial Castings’ high standards, the company performs quality standard testing in the following fashion:

• Dynamic impact tests since intruders often rely on it to break into a house
• Sharp implement tests to ensure that these grilles will resist knives, probes and shears.

• Pulling and jemmying tests to guarantee that intruders cannot gain entry through pulling and tugging on the grilles.

For further facts about Colonial-style door grilles, consult with our company, Metropolitan Security Screens. We specialise in installing these grilles as well as other products for your windows and doors.

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