Everlast Aluminium Plantation Shutters: Practical Reasons to Have Them in Your Home

Window treatments are the ideal finishing tough for any home. These treatments range from simple curtains to plantation shutters. For homeowners to choose the right one for their needs, they need to be familiar with the characteristics, benefits and other information on each one. For this reason, we will teach you about the Everlast aluminium plantation shutters that you can purchase from our company of Metropolitan Security Screens and the practical reasons to install them in your house.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are slatted or bladed window treatments that block all of the light when the blades are in the closed position. You can control how wide you open them to allow light to flow into your home. Also, when you close the blades, you block the view of those who pass by your home to provide complete privacy.

Why Everlast Aluminium Plantation Shutters?

One reason to turn to Everlast aluminium plantation shutters is the fact that they are made from high-grade aluminium. They will not warp, twist, crack, peel or deteriorate, which means that these shutters last longer than other brands of plantation shutters do on windows. Even though these shutters are lightweight, they are still sufficiently strong to be durable on top of the above attributes. Unlike the materials in other types of the plantation shutters, the Everlast aluminium ones are resistant to corrosion, and termite and other insect infestations. You also can choose from three blade sizes of 60 mm, 90 mm and 115 mm.

You Can Choose From Two Different Styles of Everlast Aluminium Plantation Shutters

We provide the following two styles of the Everlast aluminium plantation shutters:

• Classic System of these shutters are ideal for internal windows along with the majority of hinged situations. This system a perfect alternative to PVC, polymer and timber plantation shutters. Also, the Classic System installs by way of a streamlined, narrow 50-mm side stile that simulates PVC or timber in order to complement many home interiors.

• The Ultra System is specifically designed for larger enclosures and openings rather than just standard windows. You can use this system in place of sliding and bifold systems. There are even locking systems so that you can use these shutters outdoors.

Everlast Aluminium Plantation Shutters Come With Multiple Warranties

To ensure that you are protected, these shutters come with the following warranties:

• Two-year warranty on the shutters’ hardware and accessories
• Five-year warranty on the wood-grain finish if applicable
• Seven-year warranty on the powder coat paint finish
• 10-year warranty on the aluminium extrusion and manufacturing processes

Contact us for further information since we specialise in selling and installing the Everlast aluminium plantation shutters along with other types of window treatments. We guarantee satisfaction with all of our products and workmanship.

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