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Security Doors & Window Screens

Weather its keeping out insects or deterring intruders, Security Doors and Screens from Melbourne Security Screens, Shutters and Blinds are designed to do the job right-while improving the visual appearance of your home. They are available in a wide range of stylish modern designs that will complement the street appeal of your home and are fully guaranteed with all industry-leading warranties.

Security Doors and Screens are becoming increasingly common throughout Victorian homes and have a large number of benefits, including some that are commonly overlooked:

  1. Increase Home and Personal Security

Security doors can be a low-cost measure to increase home and personal security. They have a functional and deterrent value. Many security doors are next to impossible to penetrate and often act as a deterrent for would-be burglars and home invaders. Having to break through a security door to gain access to your house draws attention, attention that most burglars don’t want. Security doors also give the homeowner increased peace of mind, knowing that they are safe in their own home.

  1. Energy efficiency and occupant comfort

Hot summer nights can be uncomfortable and stifling. Having security doors fitted to the external entry points of your home lets the cool breezes in and promotes cross ventilation while remaining safe and secure. This allows your house to stay cool without the need to constantly run air conditioning units leading to a better night’s sleep and reduced energy bills.

  1. Durable and long lasting

Many security doors are made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, are corrosion resistant, durable and have a long life, making for a cost-effective investment. There’s also few moving parts and little that can go wrong, unlike other door and window systems which can require servicing and painting.

  1. Visually appealing and value adding

Our designs and a choice of 23 colours will add value and street appeal to your property we have finishes and designs to suit any home exterior and our customers taste.

The Platinum Security Screen Door

Manufactured in both hinged and sliding doors.

Our Platinum range of security doors and windows can be manufactured to any size and mesh combinations to suit our customer’s needs. Our door frames are 75mm extruded Aluminium with a choice of 23 colours, it’s easy to make the right decision. A choice of Single or Triple dead locks,2 hinges system with an automatic door closer to keep the door closed at all times.

They are anti corrosive and no need to paint at a later stage.

They also come with a 5-year warranty on all materials.

The Ultimate Security Screen Door

Manufactured in both hinged and sliding doors.

Metropolitan’s Ultimate range also known as MetroSafe has been designed for the most robust construction to maximise safety and security along with peace of mind, for those customers that are looking for a superior look to enhance their homes street appeal with a world class stronger security screen.

The unparalleled strength and durability of the two-part security system, combined with our patented manufacturing technology, provides the protection and peace of mind that is the Metropolitan difference. Thoughtfully engineered and combining a polyurethane adhesive that embeds its self through the perforations of the screen mess, with a robust aluminium bead with concealed snapping provides a system which is both beautiful seamless and incredibly strong.

Built from the highest-grade Aluminium extrusions and featuring a fully patented chemical bonding system with a unique locking system for added strength. The Chemical bonding system 3M VHB eliminates the use of screws or rivets. Using this chemical bonding around the entire frame. The chemical bonding is the same product that is used on commercial aircraft and hi-rise buildings and many more applications.

Pick from our 23 colours range to match your home and individual taste, a choice of 3 heavy duty meshes,triple dead lock, a 3-hinge system and an automatic door closer, along with a 10-year guarantee on all components.

Security Screen Door Comparison Chart

Feature Platinum Door Ultimate/MetroSafe
Door Frame Strength 75mm Standard 80mm High Strength
Security grade Australia
Standard (55039 2008)
Excellent Excellent
Patented fixing system No Yes
Triple locking system optional Standard
Number of Hinges 2 3
Bush Fire Rated No Yes
Airflow (AS4420.4) Excellent Excellent
Insect Protection Excellent Excellent
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5-years 10-years
Street appeal Very Good Seamless & Modern

Mesh Types

Melbourne Security Screens, Shutters and Blinds can offer you several choices in regard to your security door or window grille mesh. This will give you the opportunity to individualise your security door and be able to work within your own budget.

DVA Aluminium Mesh                               

Used only with the 6mm diamond grille

Choice of 23 colours.

6mm Aluminium Diamond Grille               

Choice of 23 colours.

Galvanised Steel Mesh                       

Colour Black only.

Stainless Steel 316 marine grade Mesh     

Colour Black only.

Perforated 2mm Aluminium Mesh             

Colour Black & Grey only.

Vision Guard 2mm Aluminium Mesh                 

Colour Black only.

Colonial Style Door Grille Designs

Melbourne Security Screens, Shutters and Blinds offer a market leading range of decorative Aluminium Security Grille Designs, specifically for all Hinge and Sliding Doors. Door frames and castings are available in choice of 23 colours or Powder Coated to suite your individual palate or specific requirements.


Colonial Superior Screen Brochure

Colonial Brochure Security

Floating Panel insert Grilles

Our Floating Panel Design Grilles are not only unique but are innovative to give you the client other alternative design choices that when fitted will enhance the street appeal of your property. This fully patented M3 VHB Chemical bonding method will only be coupled to the perforated mesh with a choice of 4 designs which will take you to the next level of security screen designs.

Fly Screens

A fly screen (also known as an insect screen, window screen,bug screen, generally the screen is designed to cover an opening of a doorway or window. It is usually a mesh made of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fibre and stretched over an extruded aluminium frame.

Fly screens are typically designed to keep out those nasty little insects while allowing ventilationwhen the window or door is open. This will give the opportunity to allow the cross breezes to keep the house temperature down easing any discomfort.

Inventco Sliding Door Closer

Inventco Water Door Closer is easily fitted to sliding security screen doors which conforms to Australian Standards and is available in all popular anodised and powder coated colours.


  • Meets Swimming Pool Regulations.
  • Self-Closing.
  • Safe, smooth quiet operation.
  • 10-Year Parts Warranty.

The Inventco Sliding Door Closer is commonly known as the ‘water Door Closer” due to the fact that it uses a unique patented speed limiting valve that operates within the doors mounted closer tube, which is water filled.

The door closer speed of the door is suppressed by the valve without reducing its closing power, resulting in a great gentle latching action.

The aesthetically pleasing Inventco Door Closer is easily fitted to your security sliding screen door. Quietly and consistently it will automatically close your sliding door, year in, year out. Also, it is easily disabled’ should the door need to be kept open.

The Inventco Sliding Door Closer is simply a great investment for any home and will improve your family lifestyle by increasing hygiene and health levels through keeping insects, flies, mosquitos and other vermin out of the home.

The closer has only one wearing part and will give years of maintenance free service.

Pet Doors

Pet Doors can be fitted to both Hinged or sliding doors they come in 3 typical sizes Small, Medium and large, they come in a choiceof 4 colours but this can be extended to suit your colour pallet. Keep those pooches happy.