The Importance of Fire Safety Sensors for Electric Roller Shutters

Fire safety sensors are essential to the effectiveness of electric roller shutters. These industrial style shutters operate with a flexible curtain that is guided along steel tracks on a roller drum. Small to medium-sized roller shutters may be chain operated. However, motorised operation is highly recommended for large sized shutters of this type. These roller shutters close automatically whenever the sensors detect overheating in the area, activating the shutters to move to the closed position for safety. These shutters may also be connected to smoke detectors, which also initiate the shutter closing mechanism if the presence of smoke is detected in the immediate area.

Constructed of steel or sturdy aluminium, these shutters are designed to close on sensor signals indicating the nearby presence of fire or smoke. The shutter designs include a fusible link that is placed beneath the roller drum at one end and connected to a spring-loaded release arm that operates automatically. When signaled by sensors, the release arm activates a push down (automatic) spring mechanism that enables the shutter to close mechanically. Shutter closure speed may be regulated for safety by an automatic control descent guide that is matched to the shutter and window/door weight and dimensions.

The Major Importance of Fire Safety Sensors for Advanced Design Electric Roller Shutters

There are major features of great importance provided by fire safety sensors for the latest designs in electric roller shutters, including the following:

• Impeding Fire Spreading. – Active fire safety sensors can help greatly in impeding the spreading of fire in buildings constructed of wood or lacking fire resistant construction such as older warehouses, storage complexes or neglected industrial sites. These heat sensors and accompanying smoke detectors can help keep indoor fires contained and outdoor fires from invading structures until fire safety and control personnel can reach the area in danger.

• Preventing Uncontrollable Flaming.
– Fire safety sensors can be very effective in the prevention of uncontrollable flaming in open areas between buildings or in areas where high winds or channeled downdrafts of air can lead to the igniting and flaming of additional buildings and areas adjacent to fires. When the sensors activate the closure of electric roller shutters, the spreading of fire and out-of-control flaming can be inhibited until fire control crews can arrive at the scene of a fire.

• Separating Fire from Flammable Materials.
– Fire safety sensors that activate the closure of electric roller shutters can prevent flames from reaching flammable materials stored in a warehouse or storage area that is normally safe. Since these sturdy shutters are designed to close automatically and rapidly when activated via the sensors, they can quickly and effectively move into the closed position to separate these potentially dangerous materials from nearby flames.

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