Things to Consider When Choosing from Different Screen Mesh Types

Whether you are buying screen doors or windows for a new construction or a renovation, you need to understand that there are different mesh types available today. Each type has its own unique characteristics, and this makes it a bit confusing to choose which one is right for your purposes unless you learn the correct information. We are here to explain what things you need to consider when selecting between the different screen mesh types for your doors or windows.

Think about What Will Be Aesthetically Pleasing for Your House

First consideration is the select a screen mesh that will enhance your home décor in a favourable way. While some homeowners prefer the basic silver or gray screens, there are numerous colours available in certain types of mesh. Black also is a possibility.

Choose the Material That Will Stand up to Daily Use in Your Location

After the aesthetic considerations, you will need to choose what material in the mesh will hold up best for your specific location. At times, aluminium, synthetic fibre or galvanised steel is sufficient for long-wearing screens on doors and windows, but at other times, homeowners need the marine-grade, stainless steel 316 mesh since they live in coastal regions.

Size of the Openings in the Mesh May Also Influence Your Decision

The size of the openings in the mesh also might be a consideration for you, especially if you wish to keep all of the pests out of your house. Fly screens need the smallest mesh to ensure that no critters can sneak in when you have the inside windows or doors open to let the breeze flow in or to enjoy your outdoor view.

Select the Mesh That Best Goes with Your Style of Screen Door

One last consideration is what type of mesh complements the style of screen door that you are purchasing. If your screen door is for additional security, the mesh will need to be stronger than if it just for ventilation purposes.

Types of Mesh Available From Metropolitan Security Screens

• DVA aluminium mesh in 23 different colours

• Six-mm aluminium diamond grille is also available in 23 different shades

• Galvanised steel mesh is available only in black

• Marine-grade, stainless steel 316 mesh comes in only black

• Perforated, two-mm aluminium mesh comes in only grey or black

• Vision Guard two-mm aluminium mesh is available in only black

• Mesh for fly screens is available in metal wire and synthetic fibres, such as fibreglass

Call and schedule an appointment with us to receive a further explanation about the things to consider when choosing from the different screen mesh types or to receive a free quote. We will answer any of your questions in as much detail as possible to help you make the correct decision for your needs.

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